H-litters data


Date of birth: 11. Oktober 2010
"SKCH Valley of the Wind`s a Bit of Soul" (Kirk)
"ÖCH Kings of the Dawn blue Bead" (Lela)
Puppys:  Hortensia, Himaliya, Harmonia, Heliane, Henna, Hyacinth, Humphrey, Harvey, Hydra


(Austman`s Real Riot x Landmaster look like Angel)
Here are all about Kirk
(Doc Bar Cidabro x Landmaster Silver Bells)
Here are all about Lela


On 11 Oktober 2010 the H-litter of Kirk and Lela was born.
  Lela threw 3 males in blue and 6 females in red and blue, all puppys have masks, one female is a plaineface, one red female has a tail spot, no puppy has bodyspots.


I was with Lela two outstanding throws, even one with Pavesi and once with a Landmaster males. So I decided this time a male to use the two lines

It will be back with 50% high blood Landmaster share and hope for such a fantastic, balanced temperament, like my Bubba x Lela puppies.

Final inspection on 9. December 2010
All puppies are healthy and without defects. All have a correct scissors bite, and with all males both testes descended.

BEAR test on 12 December 2010
Test was done in the hospital with Dr. Mitter Treffinger Biberauer. All 9 puppies are bilateral hearing!

We got puppies in red and blue.
All puppies from the litter will be obligatory A PRA.

Here you will find the Pedigree  of this mating