HJCH Banana Bender Se Quel Guerriero Io Fossi

Security dog in the private security

Multich Landmaster Promised Land x CH Land Master He touch me

Import Italy

Cobain was on 16 August 2010 in Banana Bender Kennel was born in Italy

Excellent 1 Youthwinner, Hungary Youth Champion




ED 0/0

OCD + back free

BEAR normal

correct scissors bite-P4

With Cobain I've got a dog in my kennel that meets all my expectations. Cobain is pure Landmaster, his sire is Bubba has already brought me the great Rinzi accented by the beautiful head, and his dream of being. His mother is European Junior Winner 2008 Tabby, her mother gives me completely new line of blood in my kennel, Tabbis mother is out of the famous Kennel Tirlta the author of "A Dog Called Blue ". Cobain is totally suitable for my line, to supporting Australian lines to breed without close line breeding. And until now I had my way right, one must only look at the beautiful head of Cobain, in the age of only eight months, is believed to Kirk, Lela, Donka or their offspring look. Therefore, I am also convinced Cobain, again with great breeding super being and health to get. Cobain is characterized by its great head, very good Exterieuer absolutely correct red, and a very sociable being, he is very spirited, willing to learn and equipped with good drive systems.

Cobain will soon start his show career where I am now convinced already that they will be successful.

I would like to thank Simona and Paolo, from Banana Bender Kennel in Italy theire breedingplans which coincides entirely with mine, that you have entrusted me with Cobain, I hope to meet their expectations.



Cobain has completed his basic training with me and is now supporting a young colleague at work, he shows himself very safe and sociable attentive and always willing to perform.

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